Download Transcription File

Download Transcription File




Name Descriptions
output What format you want to download file.

Allowed: vtt,srt,stl,sbv,sub,txt


Name Descriptions
punctuations Remove Punctuations. default 1
verbatim Enable verbatim. default 1
timestamps Download with start time. default 0

Example Request

curl -X GET \
  '{endpoint}conversion/download/7315b9d7-a6da-4e67-ad7e-920334dc31a1?output=vtt' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer 6413a1acf4df6c41d028d0970exxxx' \

Example Response (VTT)


00:00:00.240 --> 00:00:06.390
he and radha had three years[183] he had loved her and she'd be the first

00:00:06.390 --> 00:00:14.340
to break his heart they're a coffee bar near here asked a starbucks  rao

00:00:14.340 --> 00:00:22.460
said i'll drive i don't want to go with you radha she gave him when my charms

00:00:22.460 --> 00:00:32.470
have i they when effect on me a long time agoa half lie she her hips it's